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BEST IN THE MIDWEST: The RiverEdge Park Pedestrian Bridge in Aurora, Illinois has been named the 2022 Best Project in Landscape & Urban Development for the annual ‘Best Project’ Competition from Engineering News-Record Midwest West (ENRMW) Magazine.

Congratulations to the project team, including the City of Aurora's Engineering Department and TYLin, the global engineering design firm. Providing a safe river crossing for pedestrians and cyclists, the RiverEdge Park Pedestrian Bridge is part of the master plan to redevelop the Aurora's historic downtown district.

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TYLin initially developed eight bridge concepts along four alignment profiles for the project. The selected design for the signature pedestrian bridge is a 7-span concrete girder structure with an elegant S-curve alignment. The graceful bridge profile creates a dynamic crossing experience with scenic views in all directions.

RiverEdge Park Pedestrian Bridge facing west

The innovative design for the superstructure is a central beam “spine” from which two pathways cantilever on either side. The segregated twin pathways allow the faster commuter bicyclists to be safely separated from the slower pedestrians.

The RiverEdge Park Pedestrian Bridge unites the new RiverEdge Park on the east side of the river with existing neighborhoods, redeveloped parks, and trails on the west side. The crossing also allows non-motorized commuters to connect across the river to the recently improved, multimodal Aurora Transportation Center.