Things to do in Hinckley, Illinois

The rural town of Hinckley is home to historical treasures and some excellent spots to stop along the Lincoln Highway.

Hinckley is proud of its past and it shows at Hinckley's Historical Society Museum, where visitors can see pioneer life unfurl in a series of exhibits and dioramas, including a feature on notable homes, railroads, and the prehistoric mammals that once walked these lands. A memorable bit of history about Hinckley is the fact that the Harlem Globetrotters traveled here to play their very first road game all the way back in 1927. Stop, have a bite, and relax a while: cozy, old-fashioned eateries like Dairy Joy, a 50's style drive-in, and the Hinckley Cafe are timeless road-trip attractions along U.S. Route 30. 

Windy City Soaring provides a unique perspective of the Aurora Area—here you can hop in a glider and enjoy awesome aerial views of Hinckley and the surrounding area while cresting mile-high thermals way up where native red-tailed hawks and eagles soar.